A few from London

Posted in London, Photography by gusto2 on December 21, 2010

This mens wear store must have closed down about 15 or 20 years ago and no-one had bothered to take down the window display. Pants and shirts were literally rotting in their stands!

The view from our local just down the road from our new flat in Stokey.


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So, no posts for as long as i can remember, however, i can’t face treating my tumblr account with pictures from a camera other than my iphone, so here are a few pictures from my Olympus film SLR, with an ilford 100iso B&W film in there. enjoy…


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King for a Day

Posted in BMX, Photography by gusto2 on August 22, 2010

Well, very belatedly, here are some photos from King for a Day. As always the vibe was amazing and everyone had a really good time riding and drinking.


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This is a magazine I design as part of my final major project at university. It’s got all the usual supects in it: Robbie, Waudby, Scott Tedder and an interview with Will Davis. Have a look through. I am pretty sure it’s full of typos as I never really took the time to edit it properly as I was way more interested in how it looked.

I’m not gonna say that this blog is gonna get updated loads more from now on because it probably won’t but keep checking back from time to time because it hasn’t died!


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Well it’s been a while since I last updated. Mainly because I’ve been finishing my final majpor project for uni. Things should speed up again soon. Here are some pics from the last roll of film I got developed.

York Jam

Posted in BMX, Other by gusto2 on May 24, 2010

It’s the P5 York Jam on Saturday, if the weather holds out it’s gonna be a cracker.


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I’m selling my trusty iMac. I’m sorry to see it go but need to get mobile. Let me know if you’re interested.


Studio Photo

Posted in BMX, Other, Photography by gusto2 on May 3, 2010

We took some funny photos for our yearbook in uni the other day. The idea was basically to get photographed with your work but you could do it in any way you wanted. I decided to bring in my BMX and do a barspin, obviously.