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I took these for a recent project I liked them so much I thought I would put them here.



Reading Week

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Click to see some more photos from reading week >>>>>> (more…)


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This is the animation i’ve been working on over the last few weeks.


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I am so fucking bored. I can’t go riding, don’t want to do uni work and everyone else is still in bed.
On the plus side I saw this video which is teaser for a follow up to Attention Stalybridge. I never saw Attention Stalybridge but I heard a lot of good things about it. Definately going to have to try and track a copy down after seeing this, looks sick!


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Well the main reason I havn’t been blogging much recently is because I havn’t had much blog about. I’ve been at uni making animations mainly, like this one:


It snowed a bit. This is the view out of my bedroom window.


This looked like about the worst job ever.

dsc00069Hyde Park today

Reading week next week so maybe I’ll go and do something exciting, fun and good to take photos so I can blog about it!