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Click for more pics of Scotland

DSC_0005Jonny had an interview for a job on the morning we were due to go, so we had to wait around for him for ages before we set off. Nothing new there then.




DSC_0033Long drive to Edinburgh

We got to Ocean Terminal later than planned, then I promptly fell off and rode shit for most of the session. Everyone else got their shred on and shut the place down.

DSC_0069 The view out of Ocean Terminal over the docks was wicked.

DSC_0076This pic is kind of shit, but in a way I like the grainyness and the wierd lighting, plus the kickout is wild.


DSC_0070Not the greatest photo but Matt was doing some legit tables over the box

DSC_0100After about 4 hours sleep and getting kicked out of the hostle at 10 we went for a full Scottish breakfast, which included haggis, in the cafe next door. Ideal.




DSC_0116We headed down to the bottom of the Royal Mile to ride the Scottish Parliment buildings. Here, Robbie transferes from the far right hand bench to nose bonk on the left one.

DSC_0119Considering how ratty everyone was feeling some pretty serious riding got going straight way. Clip count was good.


DSC_0123The parliment buildings are in an awsome location next to Arthurs seat

DSC_0166We met up with a local BMXer called Chris who showed us around some harder to find spots, which was rad. Including this one in a slightly sketchy area of town. Me slings , photo by Jonny.

DSC_0167Robbie Tbog, photo by Jonny

DSC_0227Robbie Curved Wallride

DSC_0229Not sure which angle I prefer

DSC_0258Chris carved mega high on the tree ride Danny McKaskill flaired in his video.

DSC_0269Jonny fakie tree ride

Wicked weekend overall, thanks for driving us Jonny!



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  1. Jonny said, on September 18, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    No probs hot stuff!

  2. moley said, on September 21, 2009 at 11:07 am

    look at scotts little porno tash
    hope everyone is alright guysssssssssssss

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